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Flowers of the Forest

Charlotte North Carolina
Elmwood Cemetery
Robert Henning Peaseley
b. 30-May-1863
d. 31-August-1925
Eleanor McIndoe Peaseley
b. 12-May-1865
d. 03-August-1943
Mary Peaseley Thomas
b. 11-January-1893
d. 11-May-1979
Beverly Royall Peaseley
b. 03-September-1899
d. 13-July-1910
Carolyn Peaseley Foster
b. 20-May-1905
d. 11-November-1996
Rolfe Douglas Peaseley
b. 09-November-1907
d. 14-July-1908
Sharon Memorial Park
Robert Henning Peaseley, Jr.
b. 10-August-1895
d. 11-May-1965
Charles Ducan Peaseley
b. 24-August-1897
d. 1958
Louise Erwin Peaseley
b. 21-November-1902
d. 24-October-1978
Willie Stewart Peaseley
b. 11-June-1902
d. 03-May-1993
Katherine Stewart Peaseley Ellis
b. 28-March-1926
d. 30-August-1988
Charles Duncan Peaseley, Jr
b. 29-November-1924
d. 17-August-2003

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